How to enter a contest to win an invitation to Nicequest

By now you have probably found out that joining Nicequest requires a special and unique invitation. Yes, we do that so you will feel special when you finally join our community.

And apart from that, it is a convenient way of keeping our survey community representative of society.

Instead of waiting for an invitation, there is another way to get that desired invitation and take surveys for gifts: Enter one of the contests we regularly hold on our Facebook channel.


Feeling lucky? Join our facebook contests!

We usually have contests on certain major holidays, when there is a big event happening, or randomly, just for fun!

From sharing your funniest family photos or stories, to giving a certain book a different ending, to even answering a question like, what skill you would like to master, there are various questions we propose for you to answer to join our contests.

By you answering these questions in our comments section, you are automatically entered to win an invitation. We then let an external service randomly select the winners of the contest. If you are chosen, we will contact you directly with your invitation.

Pro tip: If you follow us with the option “See first” on facebook our posts will not get lost in your feed and you will never miss your chance to win an invitation to Nicequest.

Try it, why not? At first, you don’t succeed try and try again. You know where we will be!




Other ways to get an invitation

We already mentioned one way for you to be able to receive an invitation, but wait, there are more!  

  • It’s important to pay attention while you browse the internet. If you see a banner that asks you for your opinion on something could be one of our partners. Click on the banner, answer their question and maybe you’ll get an invitation out of it.


Remember: We cannot send you an invitation directly. Please don’t leave your email address in our comments, because you should never share your data publicly.

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