How to get an invitation to Nicequest?

Earning gifts online for answering online surveys and sharing internet habits is a sweet deal, right? You get to express your opinion knowing that somebody will really pay attention to them and, as a bonus, you can choose a nice gift for yourself. But, you might have noticed that we don’t just have a registration button on our website. Let us explain why.


We believe in crowd intelligence. Together we can help companies create better products.
We believe in crowd intelligence. Together we can help companies create better products.


Why do I need an invitation to join Nicequest?

You might have seen us talk and write about making a difference, letting your voice be heard and really making an impact with your opinion. That is what drives us at Nicequest. We believe that consumers should have a say in how products and services as created. To guarantee that all opinions will be taken into account, we need to pay close attention to how we get them.

Our community has to be representative of society. We don’t choose our members only among those who love answering surveys. We want to animate people from all backgrounds to share their opinions and have everyone participate in an equal way. To achieve a fair distribution and to consider the opinions of different types of people, we select who participates in our projects.

At Nicequest we value quality. Making our community invitation only helps us get representative results with our online surveys.

Another reason we like to select our participants is our strict rule of only having one account per person. You want your voice to be counted fairly and not be outnumbered by someone who votes twice because they have made 2 different accounts at Nicequest. Checking if someone is already registered allows us to make sure the results of our surveys can be trusted.


So how do I get my invitation to start doing online surveys?

There are different ways to get one of our desired invitations.

  • Follow us on social media and look out for our contests. We regularly hold contests where you can win your invitation to Nicequest. Get creative, answer our questions or comment on our contest posts to be one of the lucky winners!
  • Pay attention when surfing the web. You might find a campaign that will ask you some questions and invite you to join Nicequest to get rewards for answering questions. We often collaborate with big brands for campaigns to give you a taste of what you can do with Nicequest.


Start earning gifts online!

Now that you know how to get an invitation you might soon be one of our 2 Million members around the globe! 


Remember: we cannot send you an invitation directly. Please don’t leave your email address in our comments, since we would never recommend you to share your data publicly.

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  1. Marlene | 18 September, 2018

    my niece and sister in law enjoy your surveys and prizes. They both thought I might like to take the surveys too.

  2. MARLENE DIMARIA | 18 September, 2018

    My sister in law enjoys taking your surveys and prizes. See recommend I look into it.

  3. Aaron | 14 August, 2018

    I DESPERATELY want an invitation!!!! My wife is a beauty blogger and I want to do stuff like that but with different products. So I will be watching for my invitation in my e-mail box. Thank you nicequest for the invitation and making my life more exciting “IN ADVANCE OF COARSE”!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Daniel Serrano Vinader | 31 July, 2018

    Estaría muy interesado e poder meterme en el mundo de nicequest por favor me podríais mandar una invitación

    Gracias , adiós

    • Nicequest | 31 July, 2018

      Hola Daniel!
      Como explicamos en el artículo nosotros no podemos enviarte una invitación directamente, pero si estás atento a nuestras redes sociales seguro que consigues una!
      Un saludo :D

  5. Agostina | 27 July, 2018

    Oh yeah ! This is a sorprise for me because i dindn’t know that you do this. I think it’s graet !!