Fantastic Shells and where to find them

At Nicequest we reward you with Shells, our currency, for sharing your internet usage and opinion in online surveys. You then redeem them in our shop for gifts for yourself or your loved ones or to donate them to our charity campaigns.  

Go get them!

When you sign up at Nicequest we welcome you with Shells. Then, you earn Shells with each survey you answer. Of course, if the surveys are longer, you receive more Shells. If at any point you don’t receive Shells for answering a survey, don’t hesitate to contact us by mail or via our contact form. We will check the case and make sure you get what you earned.  

For each answered survey you receive Shells to redeem in our online shop.
For each answered survey you receive Shells to redeem in our online shop.


Want more Shells?

Many of you ask us how to get more surveys and therefore more Shells. You receive around 1 to 3 surveys per month. That is because we work with different brands who often look for a specific profile. As soon as we have a project that fits yours, you will get the invitation to your inbox. Make sure to check your inbox regularly. If we see that you are engaged and answer all the surveys you receive, we will be happy to count on you with more surveys in the future.  

Follow for more Shells!

Answering surveys are not the only way to get Shells and earn gifts online! We often hold contests to win more Shells on facebook. Every month you can participate in the “nicePhoto” contest, post a photo of yourself and your last gift from Nicequest and enter the contest to win 50 Shells. In other contests, you participate simply by answering our contest question in the comments of the respective post. To never miss a contest make sure you follow us with the follow option “See first” on our facebook profile.  

Follow us on social media to never miss your chance to get more Shells to earn gifts online.
Follow us on social media to never miss your chance to get more Shells to earn gifts online.


Those Premium Shells

As a Nicequest Premium member, you get extra Shells for each survey, 5 for each device on which you have installed the Nicestats Program. This program allows you to let us know how you use the web: which sites you visit and what you search. This helps brands learn what is interesting and relevant to you and you will be able to influence how the internet becomes more user-friendly. Upgrading to Nicequest Premium is also invitation-only. That is for the same reasons as registration at Nicequest is by invitation only: to keep our data representative.

Nicequest is a place where your voice is heard. Brands and organizations are interested in your opinion and will take it into account when creating products and services for you.

Redeem them to earn your gifts online!

Once you have enough Shells for your favorite gift, go to our online shop and redeem it. When you’ve found your new favorite thing, click on “I want it” and fill in your details for the delivery. Delivery is always free, no need to redeem Shells for it or pay extra, it’s a gift after all!

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  1. Vicki Dart | 17 August, 2019

    What happened to the gift cards for the gifts? Those were the best!!

  2. Stephanie | 25 April, 2019

    I need it a invitacion

  3. Dinah Johnson | 21 February, 2019

    Thank you NICEQUEST! This is an awesome survey site with many options of gifts to choose from. I really really really love this survey group!

    • Lindaiane Pereira Fontoura | 4 April, 2019

      Quero um convite

  4. Shawn Marie Pecararo | 3 January, 2019

    I’ve been a #nicequest survey taker for a couple years, I think. And would love to be in your premium group. How do I get an invite upgrade to premium? I love your surveys they aren’t boring like some other sites. And the points add up fairly quick. I’ve bought gift cards as presents this year for Christmas. So that came in handy. Thanks for even having me be a part of the community. It makes me feel important and good. Great job #nicequest. Wish you the best of everything in the new year! Take care =D

  5. Patricia Guise | 29 July, 2018

    I just wish I could get more surveys I just love doing surveys I visit quite a few sites and I love your surveys always so interesting

    • Nicequest | 30 July, 2018

      Hi Patricia!
      We try to send more or less 2/3 surveys per month. If that’s not your case, please contact our help center to see what’s happening with your account.
      Thanks! :D

  6. Anna | 10 July, 2018

    Thank you for letting me be a part of this. I think you have amazing gifts and lots of gifts to choose from too.

  7. Patricia | 14 June, 2018


    • Carlitos | 4 August, 2018

      Gracias por alegrarnos los días me encanta cuando me envían encuestas y claro cuando son largas e interesantes uff las amo son las mejores sigan así y espero algún día vicitarlos saludos desde Villavicencio Colombia los amo