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Have you asked yourself who you are talking to when you write an Email to Nicequest? We, the NicePeople from Nicequest, are all around the world, you can find us for example, in Mexico-City, Santiago de Chile, Philadelphia, and Barcelona. The Help Center Team in Mexico is dedicated to answering all your doubts, questions and comments about this community and the surveys you love to do. And since we already have you here, we want to take the opportunity to share some of our Nicequest wisdom with you:


Pro tips from the Nicequest Help Center Team

Are you having trouble getting started with a new survey? The solution might be as easy as changing your browser, for example using Chrome instead of Firefox and vice versa. Or maybe you can try to take the survey on your desktop computer instead of your Smartphone. If none of this works, you can clear your cache, cookies, and history and you might be surprised by the result! Also, always use a stable wifi connection. It’s the little things that can make a difference!

Did you not get any extra Premium Shells? Before taking a survey make sure, that all your Premium devices are in green. You can check your devices by logging into > Profile > Premium. Check the status to find out whether data is being sent. If it is red, go into the settings of your devices. It takes 24-48h for your device to turn green. In this time-frame, we cannot guarantee that you will be awarded the extra Shells

Keep in mind, that sometimes it may take a couple of days or weeks until you receive the Shells, we always try to reward the Shells immediately, but due to technical errors, it may take up to a couple of days or weeks.


5 People from 4 countries and 3 continents


Vanessa | from the USA

What is your role at Nicequest?

I work as the Help Center Coordinator. I oversee the operations of the Help Center team in Mexico that cares for our online community.     


What do you expect next from the Nicequest community?

I expect our Nicequest community to continue to grow and share their thoughts and opinions with us. I also expect that interactions such as these, regarding our blog, will allow our community members to see that they are indeed speaking with real people. :)

Fun Fact about your life in Mexico

I’m from California and due to the large Mexican population we have within the state, I had the luxury of growing up with Mexican food and thought I knew it well. When I moved here I found out that I was very wrong and that the food is even better than I ever thought. Here you can find some of the best flavors at the “puestos” (street-food-stands) as the locals bring their family recipes to the public. I am in awe and inspired every day by the culinary experience here.


Kika | from Brazil

What is your role at Nicequest?

I review surveys, and I’m responsible for projects in Brazil and communication in Portuguese. Also, I manage Portugal’s and Argentina’s support.


What do you expect next from the Nicequest community?

I expect our members to enjoy our research projects, gifts, and much more. I want us to keep growing, learning and improving what we do now.

Fun Fact about your life in Mexico:

First time I left Brazil, I was 15 years old. I traveled a lot through South America and when I was just 17, I decided that I’ll definitely leave Brazil for good and live in a place totally different from my country. First time I came to Mexico City, I realized that it’s pretty much the same as São Paulo and guess what? I got married, got a job, a cat, plants, and now, I don’t think I’ll leave this city anymore. Random comment: I love enchiladas suizas and tacos dorados de queso del puesto de la Madre e hijo, but there’s nothing in this life better than coxinha.


Eri | from Brazil

What is your role at Nicequest?

I work in the Help Center revising Surveys and providing support to the members from Brazil, and Portugal, and I sometimes assist with Spanish support. I’m also responsible for the Special Activities, Shells, and with the revisions of surveys.

What do you expect next from the Nicequest community?

I expect our team and Nicequest community to keep growing with new ideas and Activities for and with our members. Moreover, I don’t want our working climate to ever change, we have a really good time working with people from different countries and cultures. For me, this really is a great experience.

Fun Fact about your life in Mexico

I’m Brazilian and have been living in Mexico for 3 years. I love Mexican culture and people are really nice, but I still miss Brazilian food… haha.


Maria | from Mexico

What is your role at Nicequest?

Help Center Specialist (Support for Mexico and reviewing and creating the communication for Special Activities in Latin America)

What do you expect next from the Nicequest community?

I expect members will have a good time being part of the community. Responding to interesting and creative surveys, participating in special activities and getting really cool gifts.

Fun Fact about your life in Mexico

The fun fact is that I’m the only one from Mexico in my team, so sometimes I feel like an ambassador. Overall, I would say that living in this city can be as stressful or as fun as you want to, as we Mexicans say “Everyone speaks as they did at the fair.” hehe :P


Ina | from Germany

What is your role at Nicequest?

I am responsible for our US and UK communities, and since I am originally from Germany, I also help out with our German community. Moreover, I started writing for the NiceBlog (like this amazing article!) and am involved in the communication for Special Activities.

What do you expect next from the Nicequest community?

I expect us to take the next step together and take part in fun activities for example taste testing cookies and even sharing your opinions offline :O. I want us to have a good time together, talk openly and be patient every once in a while.   

Fun Fact about your life in Mexico

I moved to Mexico City around 2 years ago and I still can’t believe how diverse this country is! From amazing street food, contemporary art to indigenous folklore, there is just no time to get bored in “la CDMX”! A fun fact is that I go everywhere by bike. It’s raining like crazy? On my bike! It takes an hour biking? Who cares! For me, it’s much faster and a nicer way to discover this amazing city by bike than being stuck underground in overfilled metro cars.   


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Now it’s your turn! What do you like best about being part of the Nicequest community? And what are your expectations for the future? Tell us in the comments!

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