Get creative and win 500 Shells!

Participate in the Nicequest meme contest for the chance to win 500 Shells!
Participate in the Nicequest meme contest for the chance to win 500 Shells!

Welcome to our blog! We have been working on this for the last few months so you can imagine that we are very excited to finally share this with you! You can already read our first articles in the 5 categories and we will keep on publishing new content every month, but… now it’s your turn! Create with us to see your contribution published on the NiceBlog and for the chance to win up to 500 Shells!


How to enter the contest

Simply put, to participate in the contest you will have to create a meme with the image above and share it with us on our Facebook post. Then we will select 3 winners that are the most creative: 1st prize: 500 Shells, 2nd prize: 300 Shells, 3rd prize: 100 Shells!

Please be sure to follow our instructions step by step to guarantee that you are entered into this contest.


  1. Download this photo using this link or simply just drag and drop it onto your desktop.

    • If you use the link, don’t worry! There is no need to get a Dropbox account, all you have to do it download the photo :)
  2. Once the photo is downloaded go to (or use another platform you prefer) 
  3. Click “Upload your own Image” in the top right corner next to the image and upload the picture that you previously downloaded.
  4. Once you see the image, fill out the Top and/or Bottom text.
  5. When the text is there, you’re almost done! All you have to do it click “Generate Meme”.
  6. Then copy the link next to “Image link” and paste it into the comments section of our Facebook post where we announced the contest, to begin with on Tuesday, July 10th.
  7. Good Luck!!

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Posted by Nicequest on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Who can participate?

Everyone! Members and those who want to become members. If you win the first, second or third prize and you are not a member yet, we will send you an invitation to join and enjoy your well-deserved Shells and everything you can do with them.

Check out our shop and see all the rewards you can redeem with 500, 300 or 100 Shells!



  • We will only accept one entry per person.
  • Only memes located in the comments section of the first Facebook post on July 9th will be considered. Please do not post your meme in the comments of this article, on other posts on Facebook or other social media platforms.  
  • Have fun creating the meme: be witty, creative, thoughtful, inspiring and remember to keep it nice. Please don’t use profanity and offensive language.


The last day to enter into this contest will be July 13th at 11:45 pm PST.   The winners will be announced Monday, July 16th on the NiceBlog!

Click here to check out the full contest terms and Conditions.

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