Do it yourself: Nicequest Printables to customize your house or party

Small details make all the difference. Fun decor can change our day and turn our home or work environment into a nice place. Plus, when we do it ourselves, it’s even more practical!

That’s why we’d like to share with you our list of amazing Do It Yourself tips, with some items that can help you to organize your office, decorate your house or throw a party.

And to make life easier, we recorded a series of videos to explain how to build them, step by step. That means even if you’re not a master of arts and crafts, you will be able to make it. All you need is 15 minutes, glue and scissors!


1. Add color to your daily life!

Experts say that when we work in an organized environment everything works better. One tip is to separate your stationery items into different boxes. How about adding some color while keeping everything in its right place?

2. It’s Party Time!

Are you planning a surprise party or celebration with your friends and don’t know what to do?

Add colorful decorations to things you already have at home. Custom your cups, bottles, build some trays for food and don’t forget the classic flags! Just take a look at this video and see how to use our Party Pack.

3. From now on, nothing will ever be out of place!

You know those small objects you keep losing? Clips, hair elastics, rubber bands, rings? How about keeping them always organized in one single place? Use this Geoball to customize your bedroom, living room or office and stop losing your small objects

4. A Star Wars adventure

Would you like to have a Star Wars birthday party? Do you like movie marathons?

Is yes, then this is the right kit for you! We created a complete kit, with masks, food containers, and flags to awaken your inner Jedi. Now, all you need is to gather your friends and make some popcorn!

Cool, right? Besides those items, you can find a lot of other printables in our shop. You can choose from cards, wall arts, bookmarks, and items to organize and decorate any room you want to.

We hope that we can help you make your day even more practical with our printables and tips. Now, go ahead and do it yourself and share the result with us in the comments section!

How are your DIY-skills?

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