Where are the Gift Cards?

In Nicequest we have several gift cards available to get exactly what you want, from music and restaurants to retail and electronics.

If you want to spoil yourself or if you want to take away the itch to fill your shopping desires, then a gift card can be the perfect choice for you! Or think about this: you have to give a gift to a special friend but fear of making a mistake in the choice of model, features or size? With a gift card, you can never go wrong! Whatever the event to celebrate, our shop not only offers you brands of the latest trends, but also gives you the opportunity to give the people you care about a gift certificate for shopping tailored experience.

Gift cards include: Starbucks, iTunes, Xbox, Nike, Sephora, Target, and more! Gift cards can range from a minimum value of $10 up to a maximum of $25 and they can be redeemed for a minimum of 60 Shells to a maximum of 310 Shells.

You can find gift cards in the “Gifts” section of our website.


Choose a gift card for every occasion! You can not go wrong!
Choose a gift card for every occasion! You can not go wrong!


We remind you that we do everything possible to control the stock of the products we offer, however, due to high demand, there are times when stock will run out. However, they do always come back!

In the meantime, you can take a look at all the other gifts available in our online shop! Did you know that we have 10 categories in addition to Gift Cards? Home appliances, gardening tools, cosmetics, books, movie tickets, games for your child or your four-legged friend. In short, you are spoiled with choices!

If you don’t have enough Shells to choose the gift that you like best, then make sure to pay attention to our Facebook page where we have monthly contests to win extra Shells. 

Whether you’re looking for a useful, practical, trendy or smart gift, don’t miss the opportunity to enter our shop and discover the assortment of gifts. Complete surveys for gifts and … Happy redeeming!

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  1. James | 1 August, 2018


    Could you tell me what happened with the Amazon GC cards on the site? 1 month ago I saw that they have been placed and removed several times and it always appears that there is no availability, could you tell me what happened? Thank you and blessings to you, I love the site and its shells!


    • Nicequest | 2 August, 2018

      Hi James, thanks for your nice words! We from the NiceBlog can’t give you exact information about the gift cards, just that they are very popular and always quickly run out of stock. But don’t worry, they always come back. :)

  2. Anna | 10 July, 2018

    I like the idea that I can same my shells up and get any card that I want. I usually like Amazon cards the best.

  3. nasima sultana | 10 July, 2018

    all of the giftcards are unflavoured by me because I do not like any of them. I would prefer paypal payment and high street vouchers e.g love2shop

    • Nicequest | 10 July, 2018

      If you don’t find a gift card you are looking for maybe you can find something in the other categories we have in our shop, we have over 1,000! :)