Shells are the summer fashion trend of 2018

Some things you never expect to make it big in fashion, until it does. Like shell jewelry! Shell necklaces have been a long time favorite accessory among surfers and other beach lovers. 2018 high fashion brands have discovered our beloved shells as an eyecatcher and add great details to spruce up your whole outfit.

As longtime fans of the Shell, we at Nicequest love this trend and want to show you some examples of easy ways to style the new fashion summer trend of 2018 and where you can get your own.


How they wear it

Around the neck is classic. But now shell jewelry takes on new forms and you can pick your favorite. Look at how these fashionistas do this 2018 summer trend and get inspired!


Fashion Blogger Gilda Ambrosio with her shell necklace in a classic summer beach look

Stylist Kate Foley wears her shell bracelet and shows how to take it from beach look to cute office casual.

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Pre Miu Miu in Polka Dot 💌

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Blogger and fashionista Leandra Medine Cohen with an orange Shell on her arm.

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I only wish I had more fingers

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Fancy some shell jewelry for yourself?

We found some nice shell accessories for you, to go with the summer trend of 2018. Check out these great Etsy stores and find your new favorite piece to go with your summer outfits!


A golden shell to remind you of summer, beaches, and vacation

Golden jewelry goes with most outfits and is a solid way of giving your look that special something

JKWaccessories sells them on Etsy.

Golden Shell necklace by JKWaccessories


How about more than one shell on your necklace?

Those look like our beloved Shelly! Our mascot at Nicequest where you can earn free gifts by answering surveys online!

Get it here from CinderbearJewellery


Can you hear the sea?

Wear shiny shells to frame your face! People will be sure to take a second look!

Fairy Fountain Gifts has some great stuff for you in their Etsy store

Shell earrings by Fairy Fountain Gifts


The surfer shell reimagined

Puka shells are coming to high fashion.

The Cord Gallery has put some gold and a new twist on the classic shell accessory. Get your piece here.

Puka shell necklace with gold


What is your way of dressing up with the summer fashion trend of 2018? Tell us in the comments section!

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