6 tips to organize photos on your phone

It’s been a while since taking photos was reserved for special occasions. With the phone in our hands, we nowadays take photos of everything from friends and landscapes to bus schedules and important documents. In this article, we’ve collected some tips to help you organize the photos on your phone. 

Before we start, let us get one thing out first: Make sure you always have a backup plan. This means setting up an automatic cloud backup for your photos. This way they are not only stored on your phone and won’t be lost in case it gets lost or broken. The most used cloud storage apps for photos are Google Photos and Apple Photos and we will reference them in this article.




1. Organize the photos on your phone in albums 

Your phone will already create some albums for you, like images sent to you via message or screenshots you take. Creating your own albums will make it even easier for you to categorize your photos and quickly find what you are looking for. If you like to photograph important documents or helpful information for a trip, it’s best to save everything in one place. 


2. Search and group by places

Do you know where you took that one great picture 2 years ago? Great, Google Photos and Apple Photos let you search by places if your location service was turned on while you took the phone. Tap on “Search” and scroll through the map to see which photo you took in your favorite places.



3. Search and group by people

Searching and grouping images by people can also come in handy. In the search tab of your photo gallery, you will see the faces of your friends who show up in your saved photos. Add their names to the image and you will be able to find them in all your saved photos. Typing in multiple names in the search bar will then give you photos in which they appear together.


4. Search by using keywords

Our phones are smart enough to not only recognize faces and places but also by keywords. Are you looking for your best beach photo from all your holidays? Just type in “beach” or “sea” to scroll through them all. Your photo app will most likely already have some album suggestions in the “Things” section of the search tab. They might not be the most useful albums, but it’s definitely fun to see what you mostly take pictures of. Is it all “lunch” and “fireworks”? ;) 




5. Delete albums and/or check settings

This goes for albums you created yourself and also for those that might be automatically created by apps. Especially photo editing apps will save the pictures you’ve edited in a unique folder. If you have already published your best creations on social media, check if you really need that copy on your phone. Another useful tip is to disable the automatic download function from messaging apps. For example, if you are in a WhatsApp group where the members send lots of photos, don’t automatically download them all but check manually which one you wish to keep.


6. Don’t hoard

Sometimes it takes a few attempts to get that perfect shot and you end up with 15 versions of the same photo. Don’t procrastinate and make it a habit to filter for the best right away and delete the rest. Your photo gallery will look better and you will have more space for new snaps!




Did you already know these tips? How do you organize the photos on your phone? Let us know in the comments!

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