Nicequest’s donation campaign for survivors of human trafficking

Human trafficking is not only one of the worst human rights violations, but it is sadly also one of the most profitable businesses in the world. It is difficult to assess exactly how many people are living as modern slaves today but estimations go from 20 million to 40 million people worldwide. This includes people who are forced into labor, sex work, marriage, and used for organ trafficking.

Some facts about human trafficking

?Each year more than 500,000 people are trafficked worldwide. Most are used for sexual exploitation.

?70% are women and girls, accounting for nearly three-quarters of the victims.

?It occurs worldwide but has a greater impact in countries where there is inequality of opportunity, humanitarian crises, extreme poverty, and conflict.

?The numbers are growing every year. In 2018, 31% of sex trafficking victims were minors (23% girls and 8% boys).

Donation campaigns: our support from Nicequest

At Nicequest we care about issues such as gender inequality and the fight against crimes against human rights and that is why we have a section in our shop entirely dedicated to supporting NGOs and their projects.

Together with Worldcoo, we recently funded a project to help survivors of trafficking thanks to donations from our generous Nicequest members. A total of €6,000 raised went to the NGO Mumbai Smiles to improve the mental health of trafficked women and their children.

About Mumbai Smiles

The streets of Mumbai, India, hide sordid stories of many survivors of human trafficking. Every year thousands of women are lured by deception (sometimes even with the use of force) and forced into domestic chores, dangerous and unhealthy jobs, or, most commonly, prostitution.

Together with their children, these women have had to face terrible situations that have often led them to suffer from depression, anxiety, addictions, or stress, as well as sleep and mood disorders or eating disorders.

With this project, the organization Mumbai Smiles offers therapeutic and emotional support to female survivors of sexual exploitation, in an attempt to recover certain normality in their lives.

Candle making is part of art therapy for survivors to interact with other women in the same situation.
Candle making is part of art therapy for survivors to interact with other women in the same situation.

How do your Korus help?

All donated Korus help to fund Mumbai Smiles’ projects:

  • Refer survivors to clinics specialized in psychological therapy to offer them individual therapy services appropriate to each case.
  • Conduct monthly workshops on psychosocial issues such as depression, anxiety, health, or hygiene.
  • Encourage survivors to participate in candle-making sessions, an art therapy that will allow them to interact with other women in the same situation.
  • Train staff on aspects related to mental health and art therapy, in order to accompany women during the process.

Thanks to these activities, they will be able to find a place to express their feelings and emotions in order to partially alleviate their psychological suffering.

We would like to thank all the members who donated their Korus to help fund this important project, every Koru makes a difference!


Would you like to support other Nicequest charity projects? Visit our Donations section to donate your Korus to charitable causes in humanitarian, environmental, health, education, and more.

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