SOS Children’s Villages: a home for every child

A family is the first social environment for children, and because of this, it’s the main influence in their lives. Organizations such as SOS Children’s Villages, are aware of the importance of the family as a fundamental axis, from which the children develop their personality and their values.

SOS Children’s Villages is an international organization that helps children. It takes care of kids and young people in vulnerable situations, supporting their personal development and autonomy, through fostering in protective family environments. Through its network of 573 Villages present in 135 countries, it cares for children who can no longer live with or have the support of their parents, for whatever reason, to grow up in a stable and safe family environment.


Visiting Aldeas

We are happy to be able to support the important and inspiring work of SOS Children’s Village. And as always, we want you to know more about these projects and how they affect the lives of these children who really need your help and are deeply grateful for your contribution. On this occasion, we had the opportunity to visit one of the homes in Mexico, where we were able to talk with one of the inspiring SOS mothers. We have prepared a very special video so that you too can be part of this fantastic project too.

Shells that feed

Nicequest has collaborated with SOS Children’s Village on the Christmas campaigns of 2016 and 2017. Both campaigns had a very clear objective: to guarantee one of the fundamental rights in the life of a child, food, and nutrition.

These campaigns aimed to provide one decent meal a day to the children of the SOS Children’s Village programs.

In total, more than 570,000 Shells were collected, which were distributed among the different countries where the organization operates, such as USA, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, and more.

We share with you how these campaigns performed and the tremendous impact they had on the lives of all the people involved.

Would you like to be part of it too? Visit our Donations section at, with this year’s Christmas campaign. 

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