Win extra Shells in our #nicePhoto contest

If you follow Nicequest on Facebook or Instagram, you have probably already heard of our #nicePhoto contest.  Every month we invite our Nicequest members to share a photo of themselves and their last gift from our shop on our social media and every month one lucky winner receives 50 extra Shells.

Would you like to participate in our #nicePhoto contest and have the opportunity to win? In this article, we explain in detail and step by step how this contest works, where and who can participate … all other questions you could think of ?


Do I win 50 Shells only for uploading my photo?

No,#nicePhoto is a contest. Every Nicequest member can participate but there can be only one winner. But don’t worry, if at first you don’t succeed, take another photo and try again next month ;) 


How do I participate in this contest?

Easy, all you have to do is take a photo of yourself with your last gift and the green card you received with it. Then you publish this photo on social media (Facebook or Instagram) with the hashtag #nicePhoto. Please make sure the photo has a nice quality (not too pixelated, well illuminated), don’t send us inappropriate or offensive photos and remember that there can be no minors in it. Check all the requirements here:


You must appear in the photo
with your gift and the green card.

nicePhoto Selfie

For privacy reasons,
no minors can be in the photos.

No minors on nicePhoto

On Instagram, your account must be public.

nicePhoto on instagram account

Tag @nicequest on Instagram and
always add the hashtag #nicePhoto.

tagging Nicequest for nicePhoto contest

Make sure the photo is well lit and has good quality.

good quality for nicePhoto contest

Who can participate?

This is a contest for Nicequest members only, since you must have already redeemed your Nicequest Shells for a gift in our online shop. Remember that there can be no children in the picture, even if the gift was for them. All persons seen in the photo must be over the age of 16.


Where do I find the green card?

When your gift is about to arrive we send you an email with the contact details of the delivery company and that is also where you find the green card. Click on the green banner in the email to see the whole card, print it and take your selfie with it!


green card nicePhoto contest
Click on the green banner to print out the green card.


You can also download it on this page about the contest!

Where do I upload the photo?

There are two options: you can publish your photo on our Facebook wall or on your personal Instagram profile. If you choose Instagram, make sure that we will see your #nicePhoto: tag us with @nicequest in the picture and make sure your account is not set to “private” ?.


How do I publish my photo on the Nicequest Facebook wall?

Easy, just click on the photo icon on our wall. You can find a step by step guide here.

Nicequest nicePhoto contest
Publish a selfie with your gift for your chance at 50 extra Shells!


How will I know if I won?

In this contest we choose the winner manually to make sure they meet the requirements and to select the most original one. Every first week of the following month we share the winning photo on our Facebook wall or on our Instagram account. That means, if you participate in November, you will know in the first week of December if you have won.


How do I get the 50 Shells?

After announcing the winner, we will send them a private message and ask for the email address they use to login to Nicequest to add the extra 50 Shells to the account. If you are the lucky winner, you have the rest of the month to claim your price. However, we recommend that you send us your registration email right after receiving our message to be one step closer to redeeming your next gift. Please note that you cannot claim your prize once we have announced the winner of the next month.


Is this contest legit?

Of course ?. Check our Facebook and Instagram pages to see the winners of previous months! 


Have you ever participated in our #nicePhoto contest? Tell us about it in the comments!

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