Meme Contest Winners!

After a long and hard debate, we have finalized the winners of the Meme Contest!! Thank you to everyone who participated, we truly appreciate all of your submissions. You were creative, funny, original and we really enjoyed looking at all of the Memes!


Below you will find the winners:


1st Place: Winner of 500 Shells

(Brolly, is a term in the UK that means umbrella)


2nd Place: Winner of 300 Shells


3rd Place: Winner of 100 Shells


We will contact the winners personally regarding your reward. Again, a huge thank you to everyone who participated!

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  1. Deborah Anne Shepard | 27 February, 2021

    sounds great

  2. ALFREDO EDUARDO SALAZAR | 16 December, 2018

    Muy padre

  3. ALFREDO EDUARDO SALAZAR | 16 December, 2018

    Hahahahaha así se an de pasar riendo

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