Where can I find invitations to join Nicequest?

Invitations, invitations, who wants invitations?!

So, you want to be a part of an online survey site such as Nicequest, to take surveys for gifts. But then you find out that it is invitation only. What do you do? Don’t worry! There are various ways that you can join our community.


Why we are invitation only

We don’t let every single person that comes to our website join Nicequest just by visiting our website. We specifically look for people that have different backgrounds to share their opinions and be a part of our community. To be able to do this, we need to find various types of people for specific types of projects. We want to always make sure that we are representative of the society, always.

Another reason why we are a closed community and send invites to become a member is that of our strict rule one account per person. We want to ensure that you have an equal say about certain products and projects than any other person in our community.

Because of this, we always double check to make sure that no one is registered twice, which also then means that the results of our surveys can be trusted.

So, where can I get an invitation to answer surveys for gifts?

  • Make sure that you “like” our Facebook page and see all the fun posts that we publish! You will notice that we have certain contests where you can win an invitation! Check out How to Enter a contest to win an invitation to Nicequest that will give you even more details.
  • Always make sure that you are paying attention while you are on Social Media or just browsing the web. You may see an ad from one of our partners asking you to give your opinion about something specific, which will lead you to get an invitation from Nicequest.


Start earning rewards with online surveys!

Now that you know how to get an invitation you might soon be one of our 2 Million members around the globe!


Remember: we cannot send you an invitation directly. Please don’t leave your email address in our comments, since we would never recommend you to share your data publicly.

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  1. Sarah E Clark | 21 February, 2021

    Please someone can I get an invitation for nicequest…

  2. Cristy | 22 February, 2020


  3. Ana María Parsa | 16 November, 2019

    I would love to get an invitation.

  4. Rocío Pérez | 12 September, 2019

    Ojalá tenga suerte y pueda formar parte de Nicequest!

  5. Andrew D Miller | 23 August, 2019

    My wife, Stefanny Montero once gave me an invitation but I lost it from my inbox

    Could you send me a new invite?

    Many thanks

    Andy M

  6. Virginia Andreas | 24 March, 2019

    Hi my husband has a nice quest account and I would like to fill out serverysalso thank you

  7. Billy beasley | 12 February, 2019

    I would like an invite to begin taking surveys pleaze

    • Tara Merritt | 17 February, 2019

      Yes please I would enjoy taking surveys

  8. James Powers | 27 December, 2018

    I am on MSN’s Homepage giving surveys almost every single day about almost anything. I would be the perfect person to do a survey.

  9. Kelly Coval | 21 July, 2018

    Excited to start this program and am committed to giving honest And heartfelt opinions

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