7 fun websites to have a break on the internet

You’re online, but don’t have any surveys to do. What do you do? Or, do you feel stuck on a project and need a little break to think of something totally different? Check out these websites to have a moment of distraction, have a laugh, get creative or even earn gifts online!


1. Get around with Geoguessr

On Geoguessr you are dropped off on a random place of the earth on google maps. The goal is to find out, where you are on the map. Get clues by wandering down the streets and look out for street signs, types of houses and the general vegetation.


2. The useless web – It’s in the name!

Not in the mood for thinking too much and just looking for some fun? Let them take you to useless websites which, yes,  are fun, but does the world need them? Discover the beauty in the uselessness of each page and philosophize about the question: If you are having fun looking at them, are they still useless?


3. Kuku Kube

This is a game where your goal is to find the different colored cube. Sounds easy, but the cubes multiply with each step and the colors are harder to differentiate on each level! Don’t overthink, go with your first impulse and check your score!


4. Designbreak

This is a page for all the designers out there: guess the brand, the exact name of the color or get some inspiration for your next project. And if you are not a designer: Get an insight into a world where green is not just green but might be called #4EC114.


5. Test yourself for a good cause!

How many bowls of rice can you fill with your knowledge in geography, maths, languages and science? The United Nations World Food Programme created this quiz website where you can test yourself in different subjects. Each click on a right answer generates enough money from the banner add so that the World Food Program can buy 10 grains of rice.


6. Earn gifts online for sharing your opinion with Nicequest

We all like to give our opinion, right? Register to become a member at Nicequest and they will send you surveys to participate in studies about diverse topics. In exchange, you earn Shells which you can redeem for various items in their shop. A nice distraction with a win-win: answering surveys help brands and you can earn gifts online!


7. See what happened with

The name of this site might not be the most attractive one, but it is actually fun to put in your birth date and let the website count all the birthday candles on your cakes so far, how often the earth has travelled around the sun in your lifetime, and you can revisit important events that happened around the world when you were a child or a teenager.


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  1. James Powers | 27 December, 2018

    The test yourself for a good cause website would be good if it was easy to sign up for. The box to enter the info to prove your not spam doesn’t work. It is locked up. It won’t give another image to put in or an audio. It just says incorrect anyway you enter it. Would be good if you could use.

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