How Online Donation Campaigns Create Real Impact

Thanks to online donation campaigns and the generosity of the members of our community, it has been possible to fund dozens of charitable projects, and we are immensely grateful for that. To date, we have launched more than one hundred donation campaigns where members of Nicequest have been able to help thousands of people and NGOs around the world. The online donations that we make available on our website contribute to projects in different areas such as health, education, social equality, housing, quality of life and the environment. Your Korus can be donated to local NGOs in USA and UK or to Malaysia or Africa to help those who need it most. There are also many charities that also focus on children and donating toys to children in need.  Don’t worry about only having to choose one charity, focus on a few and make a difference.

Are online donations real?

Yes! Here at Nicequest, we work with established and serious institutions that have struggled for years to create a more just society. The online donation campaigns are carried out with organizations such as: Worldcoo, Friends of Rimkieta Foundation, Red Cross, Equality Now, Unicef and ActionAid. For each of the projects that we have available on our site, you can also see the number of online donations made for each cause so far. In addition, on the page of each donation, we provide a direct link to the site of the institution that has partnered with Nicequest to make that donation possible.

Here are some of our donation campaigns:


The projects of the Friends of Rimkieta Foundation in Burkina Faso

The Friends of Rimkieta Foundation has already developed numerous donation campaigns to collect items to cover the basic needs of Burkina Faso’s population and help to improve their quality of life. Their projects are divided through different areas: education, social development, health and water which you can find on our website: Infant vitamin supplement, A bicycle to move in Burkina, and Kit of school material. So far, Nicequest members have already raised more than 1.7 million Korus for these three projects and have helped more than 60,000 people. Learn more about these campaigns here.

Vaccination against poliomyelitis in Nigeria.

In partnership with Unicef, we launched a campaign to vaccinate children against polio in Nigeria. Poliomyelitis is a highly contagious disease that attacks the nervous system and impairs normal development, and may even cause paralysis, especially in children under 5 years of age.

Children up to 5 years of age are the most affected by poliomyelitis
Children up to 5 years of age are the most affected by poliomyelitis

In 2016 new cases of poliomyelitis were discovered in northwestern Nigeria, exacerbating the risks to children in conflict zones and the urgency of eradicating the disease in regions affected by war and violence. UNICEF, together with the Federal Ministry of Health of Nigeria, with the support of WHO and partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, distributed vaccines to millions of children in Nigeria. And with the support of the members of Nicequest, 6,000 Euros were raised for this cause and 8,000 children received their dose of the vaccine.

Aid for Syrian refugees

In recent years the population of Syria has been suffering from war and its brutal consequences, such as famine, disease, and homelessness. Millions of people migrate across the Mediterranean to be able to survive and have a fair quality of life in other countries. According to the UN, this civil war has left more than 5 million people refugees in Syria, many of them children orphaned.

NGO Children's Villages Helps Thousands of Refugee Children in Syria
NGO Children’s Villages Helps Thousands of Refugee Children in Syria

Because of this, we have joined together with NGO SOS Children’s Villages and the Worldcoo to help these people at different points throughout the journey, in the countries that receive the refugees, and in Syria itself. In this online donation campaign, the members of Nicequest managed to raise 10 thousand Euros which in turn was able to:

  • Provide basic care, medical and psychosocial support to children and families, as well as provide them with information and communication tools.
  • Distribute emergency food kits, basic sanitary and hygiene products, raincoats and blankets to meet the basic needs of refugees.


Be a part of Nicequest and help with donation campaigns like this. Participate in online surveys to win gifts or give solidarity to those who need it most.

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  1. Anna | 10 July, 2018

    I really think this is good to be able to participate in online surveys and to win gifts or give solidarity to those that need help. Thanks for the opportunity to do that.

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