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Who you are matters. This is our Nicequest claim and motto we live by. It means that we believe in a world where people can inspire the future by sharing their opinions and experiences. That’s why we have designed an easy-to-use platform for online market research and for our members to make their voices be heard and experiences count.

In this article, we want to give you an overview of the tools we developed and how you can earn your Korus with them.


Online surveys: a timeless classic

Nicequest started as an online survey community and surveys are still at the heart of what we do. Our members answer questions, earn Korus at the end, and go to our online shop to redeem them. 

Brands and organizations rely on online surveys to find out what consumers really want and how to improve their products or services. A company might ask how people make their purchase decisions or it could also be an institution trying to find out people’s attitudes towards something in their daily life, for example, public transportation or health services.

One thing to remember here is that asking the right questions is a science in itself and takes a lot of time and thought. Getting it right is difficult. This is why some surveys can seem repetitive when they ask you to rate products or statements in the same way or make you go through long lists and click on answers that apply to you. 

We and the companies that collaborate with us to send out surveys appreciate the effort the Nicequest community puts into giving their exact opinion. Because it’s the only way of making sure every market research study effectively helps to make a difference. 

So, surveys are a good way for brands and organizations to get answers to their questions. But what about the questions or issues nobody has thought of?

This is where the other side of our Nicequest activities comes in. 


Thea: earning Korus effortlessly and continuously

Many of our members have heard of Thea, the tool that lets you share how you use the internet. With Thea you can show what you search for or which apps you use in which moment, all anonymously of course. Companies and organizations can understand human behavior online, recognize patterns, and get answers to questions they didn’t even think to ask.

For our members, Thea means participating in market research while doing what they do anyways: browsing the web and using apps. And, of course, this also means earning Korus. 

Until recently, our members participating in Thea received their extra Korus whenever they finished a survey. Now, we have changed our concept to have surveys and Thea as two separate stand-alone activities. 

When you add Thea to your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you no longer need to wait for the next survey to receive your Korus for Thea. Now you receive them continuously and automatically to your account. 


Orpheus and Atlas: Temporary activities for extra Korus

Orpheus and Atlas are two more tools we use to get to know our members and to learn about consumer behavior. Just like Thea, they run in the background of your mobile device, smartphone or tablet, and gather insights by registering sound waves from media or how people move around in their cities.

It is important to note again, that all data collected in Nicequest activities is used in aggregated form and never connected to any personal data of our members. 

We know that trust is the most important when it comes to sensitive and valuable information, so we will always be open about which kind of data is collected and every participation is voluntary. It goes without saying (but it’s still good to mention) that Nicequest never uses any collected data to send targeted advertisements. 

Different from Thea, we only use Orpheus and Atlas in our Special Activities with a predetermined duration. We mostly invite members to participate in Special Activities at the end of a survey. We will ask a few additional questions and explain what the Activity consists of and how many extra Korus are in it.

These are the tools we have developed so far and we hope to add more to our repertoire in the next few years. 


If you are already a member of Nicequest, let us know in the comments, what your preferred way of participating is. And if you’re not a member yet, sign up on our waiting list on to get your personal invitation!

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