Data Protection and Privacy at Nicequest

Being a member of the Nicequest community means making your voice be heard. You share your opinion on different topics and get to tell brands what you really care about. Do you have to sign everything with your name, though? Of course not. Privacy is a key ingredient in good market research and it simply is your right.

At Nicequest we will always separate your personal info from your answers in surveys or other activities in the community. That is to protect your privacy and because it is simply not necessary to know who exactly expresses which opinion to create the general statistics. The brands and organizations we work with only want to know, for example, how many people like their new product or what percentage of all survey participants would prefer some changes.

To explain to you how this works, we talked to our data protection manager, Claudia.

1. About GDPR

In this video, Claudia talks about the GDPR. If you live in Europe you probably remember getting tons of emails from companies about their updated privacy policies in 2018. That happened because of the new General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, which introduced some very important changes. It means for example that companies can’t just send you advertising when you actually only wanted to sign up for their newsletter. Companies and organizations must be transparent about how they will use your info and ask for your explicit permission to send you emails.

It is the highest standard for data protection worldwide and at Nicequest we are happy to follow it in everything we do.  

2. About Nicestats

If you are a Nicequest member, you have probably already heard of the much desired Premium membership. This will get you extra Shells if you install Nicestats on the devices you use to browse the internet. With Nicestats you then share how you use the web. But what does Nicestats actually see? Really everything you do online? Let Claudia explain, what actually happens:

3. About your account

Here Claudia answers questions like “What happens after I leave Nicequest?” and “Why can’t I have more than one account”. So check out the video! We also want to take this opportunity to slip in some other practical tips about your account.

When you are logged in you can go to your History and see how many Shells you got in the last surveys you took. If you don’t get your Shells right away, check back a few days later. It can happen that it takes a bit longer to see them in your account. If you are a Premium member, check your device’s status in the Premium section. If you see a green dot, all is good. If you see that they are not sending data, activate them to be sure to get those extra Shells for the next survey! Now back to you, Claudia.

If you want to look at the long and complete version of our privacy policy, right this way! If there is anything you would like us to explain further, let us know in the comments!

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  1. Muhammad Abdurahmaan | 15 September, 2019

    trying to complete a survey, however very personal details of my children’s date of birth is requested. I do not feel comfortable with this.

  2. Cris B | 16 February, 2019

    Can you please give me an invite to join? I would love to be part of your community!