Who or what are Atlas, Orpheus, and Thea in Nicequest?

At Nicequest we always like to explore new ways to connect consumers and companies that want to make better decisions. We work every day to improve our tools so that our partners can share their habits and experiences in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

If you are already a Nicequest member, we may invite you (according to the characteristics of your profile) to participate in focus groups, online communities, diaries, ask you to test new products, or download a plug-in or apps to share your data. And while you are helping companies, you are also accumulating Korus to redeem them in our store.

One of the easiest ways for our members to share their experiences and habits is through our data collection tools Atlas, Orpheus, and Thea.


⚠️ Important: all data you share is always anonymous and will be used for statistical purposes. If you want to know more, please see our Privacy Policy.

Let’s see now the purpose of each of these data collection tools and what is the meaning behind these Greek names


Orpheus in NicequestWhat it is: With the Orpheus app you can share the multimedia content you listen to. To do this the app captures ambient sound samples (in encrypted form) through the microphone of your cell phone and checks if there are matches with previously registered sound samples. Thanks to Orpheus, companies can know the reach of television and radio content or measure the advertising effectiveness of their campaigns.

OrpheusOrigin of the name: Orpheus is the greatest musician in Greek mythology. His talent playing the lyre was vital in many adventures, where thanks to his music he was able to save companions and even enter the underworld and try to bring back his wife Eurydice.

Connection with Nicequest: Our Orpheus app is able to capture ambient sound to collect important information about the multimedia content consumed regularly. As in the Greek myth, it is possible to create a better world through music and sound.

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