What is Nicequest?

Answer online surveys and earn gifts. That is the short answer to this question. But wait, there’s more!


What we do – market research for everyone!

Nicequest is a community for market research. That means we invite individual people like you to join what is called our panel, a community of people with different profiles who we ask to share their opinion on different products and topics.

Our clients are big brands, organizations and also local institutions who turn to Nicequest to find out more about their customers.


Take the online surveys, on your computer at home or on the go with your phone.
Take the online surveys, on your computer at home or on the go with your phone.


How we do it – surveys and more!

The system is easy, one side has the questions, the other side has the answers. Nicequest is in the middle, we provide the platform for these two sides to meet. When you sign up to get an invitation to our community, we will invite you as soon as we have a market research study that fits your profile.

Then you register and start receiving online surveys and earning gifts. We will send you 1 – 3 surveys per month. Just because we don’t want you to get fed up with us flooding your inbox and we want to keep our members dedicated to answering the surveys honestly and attentively.

Another part of Nicequest is our data collection tools which means downloading the tools on your devices to share for example how you browse the world wide web. This gives you the opportunity to influence how the internet is evolving. By sharing your internet usage you give companies important information about what you really want and need on the web.


Very important: you will always stay anonymous.

Our clients don’t need to know who exactly looks at which website, just getting an idea of how many people are interested in them and their services is enough. Your personal information will never be connected to your answers in the surveys or the data you share with our data collection tools.

Helping to create better products for you is the long-term benefit of joining Nicequest. Earning gifts is the benefit which is just a few steps away.

Why you should sign up –  earn free gifts!

The gifts are our way of thanking you for sharing your opinion with us. For every online survey, you answer you get Shell points which you can redeem in our shop for gifts for yourself and your friends and family. In the spirit of “nice” you can even donate them to charity projects we collaborate with.

We do want to stress another benefit of joining Nicequest though: Let your voice be heard! As a consumer of a product or client of a service, your opinion is very important. The idea is: Ask the customer before making the final decisions for the product. If you know that people will have opinions on what they buy, why not ask them before putting it on the shelf?

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  1. Karen | 9 January, 2021

    Me encanta

  2. Ana m Parsa | 23 September, 2020

    How can I become a member?

  3. Kim Mooney | 14 September, 2019

    I don’t know how to get your attention to get an invite to join. I do the surveys on social media but don’t know what else to do? I’d love to join.

  4. Kamiya | 7 August, 2019

    I’ve been trying to join and can’t figure it out and I’m sad about it

  5. Diego | 18 November, 2018

    Can I give money?or something else to donate.

    • Nicequest | 20 November, 2018

      Hey Diego, we are happy to hear that you want to help. At Nicequest our “currency” is Shells and that also goes for the donations. Access the donations section on and find out which campaigns you can support.

  6. Diego | 18 November, 2018

    That’s really cool!

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