Getting Ready for a Picnic?

Who doesn’t love a picnic? But unpacking your basket and realizing you forgot an essential―not so much. Use this checklist to make sure you’ve got it all.

Make sure you have a picnic basket that can hold everything you may need on your picnic. Like this basket already includes, make sure that you bring cups, plates, spoons, forks, and knives.

But don’t stop there! We all know that every romantic (or not) picnic includes a nice bottle of wine and because of this, don’t forget your corkscrew bottle opener! 


Woven White Willow Picnic Basket Set
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What about the food?

Finding the right picnic recipes can be difficult, but not impossible and definitely delicious!

Making a simple ham and cheese sandwich is good, but will it really satisfy all your culinary needs? Why not try something a little bit different like a Pimiento Salad Club Sandwich? Even just reading the name makes us hungry for it! Using a condiment like stone ground mustard can add the right flavor to ensure this will be a sandwich that everyone will love!

Or think about bringing a full cheese and sausage board to your picnics! Pretty sure you would be the hit at the picnic, don’t you?


Picnic Games and Activities

No picnic is ever complete without games and activities, so we have compiled this list of some ideas we had that you can use to enjoy your day.

Games can be great to create a greater bond with the people you are with. It also encourages positive interactions and ensures that everyone has a great time!


lawn scrabble
Lawn scrabble can be a fun way to bond with your family and friends!


Lawn Scrabble: Get off your phone and start playing a real-life version of Words With Friends! All you need is some cardboard and markers to make a Scrabble board that can get to be the size of your full yard!


Set your bottles up and play ring toss!
Set your bottles up and play ring toss!


Bottle Ring Toss: Homemade and a fun game! You can play it in the water, on sand or on grass. Can you get the ring on the bottle?


Traditional or DIY horseshoe games are fun for everybody!
Traditional or DIY horseshoe games are fun for everybody!


Horseshoes: All you need for this game are two stakes about 20 inches high and four metal horseshoes. Two teams of two players take turns tossing the horseshoes toward the stakes. Points are awarded for the horseshoes that are closest to the stake.

Bring music, play games, and eat great food! Comment below on ways you spend time with your family and friends.


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  1. Joshua Macareno | 5 March, 2019

    This is so cool I may use this for a youth conference!

  2. Diego | 18 November, 2018

    I never tried to make a picnic, but after reading this… Maybe I will.

  3. Anna | 29 October, 2018

    I love picnics and I certainly love all this advice.

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