7 Nice things to do for others

It’s easy to keep to yourself or even your own group of friends, but gestures of kindness to a stranger or those close to you can go a long way.

A nice word here, a listening ear there, being nice is very easy and makes such a difference. If it is something you do for your friends or for complete strangers, you can be sure that it will brighten their day.

And have you ever noticed the effect that doing something nice and selfless for someone has on yourself? Doesn’t it also make you smile? Sure, we shouldn’t just be nice to feel good about ourselves, but that having a positive attitude makes life go a bit more smoothly.

Seek out an opportunity to be nice every day. Every small interaction with someone is an opportunity to have a positive impact on both of your lives.


1. Smile

Simple, but very much appreciated. Smiling to someone just walking down the street reminds them that there are nice genuine people out there. This can also help push others to be kind themselves.



2. Give flowers

Giving flowers to someone when they least expect it can be one of the nicest gestures someone can give.



3. Recommend a Song

What’s that one song that you have been playing on repeat this past week? Why not share it with your friends and have them join in on the dance party!



4. Write a positive anonymous Note

Go to your local library or coffee shop and write short encouraging notes and leave them in books or on a board, or somewhere someone can find them. They can be simple and just say “I hope you have a nice day,” or “Your opinions do matter” You never know how a small note that takes only one minute of your time can make such a large impact on someone’s life.



5. Hold the Door for Someone

There’s just something nice about someone holding a door open for you, don’t you think? It’s a small gesture that has been around for centuries and people really do appreciate it.



6. Say Thank You

We would hope that everyone says “thank you” for when someone does something nice for them. But we propose you take this a step further. Say thank you to someone when they least expect it. That could be your mom, tell her thank you for always being there for you, or your friend, and tell him thank you for helping you through different circumstances you have gone through. Again, little effort goes a long way!



7. Give Inspiration

What inspires you to do what you do? Why does this thing or person inspire you? See if something you do in your day to day life can inspire someone else. If you know that someone is particularly interested in a subject, find an article or photo about that passion and send it their way. They will really appreciate it, and you never know, they might do the same!



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  1. Amelie | 1 November, 2020

    what a great website, more people should follow some of these ideas!

  2. Deborah Shepard | 5 August, 2019

    cook a meal for a friend, sing a fav song, write a poem, story about them and you, paint with both of you to music

  3. Tara | 17 February, 2019

    I always say please, thank you, hold the door open for someone and no matter how my day is I will smile and say hello to someone as I pass them

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