What to do after the World Cup

Now that the World Cup has come to an end, at Nicequest we want to remind you what your life is going to be like after (You’re welcome ?). We also to give you some tips to overcome the fact that it’s over.



The first thing to do after the World Cup is to cry. Either because your team lost in group phase or because your team finally won but now everyone hates you. But mostly, you cry because it’s over.


Start watching videos and memes

After a good cry there’s nothing better than going on YouTube and watching “The top 10 goals of the World Cup” or just memes about the World Cup. Yep, that might help. Also need a game to play? Play the Neyboy Challenge!



Start thinking seriously about going to see the game live in 4 years.

After watching all those videos the only thing you want to do now is to live that epic moment live, so you will start saving money, despite knowing that these savings are not going to last a long time.


Realize that your team will never win and maybe it’s not worth it.

Then you cry again because you realize that you spent so much money on drinks and dinner every time there was a game that you need the money that you have already saved from before.



Call your friends, grab a beer and promise not to talk about football again.

Finally, you will send a message to your friends and you all go to a bar to grab a beer. But let’s be honest.. you will probably end up talking about football.




So, after knowing the after effects to the end of the World Cup, here are some tips for you not to get desperate:


Talk to the strangers living in your house

Now that you have spare time, you realize that there are other people that live with you, they talk to you, and tell you to do things. They might say they are your family…

Maybe just maybe, it would be nice to hang out with them after these past few months.



Read a book, watch a movie or listen to music

Maybe a book could help you to not get distracted. In our online store, you can find some good eBooks and movies that can help!



Have a BBQ

Get together with friends and family, it could help! You can find the items you need for the perfect BBQ in our online store. In the “summer” section you will find everything from a 17-piece BBQ set to a BBQ specialized cooking book to help you prepare the best BBQ ever.



Answer some surveys!

And of course… Surveys can help! This way you can also win Shells, unlike your team that didn’t win anything ?


Do you have any other idea of how you can spend your days without the World Cup? Tell us in the comments! And also, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to get notifications of new posts!

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  1. Juan | 12 May, 2020

    Muy buenas

  2. Kim Mooney | 28 September, 2019

    Smile, the tv is mine again.

  3. Tayyaba | 5 August, 2018

    Nice blog is soo cool

  4. Tayyaba | 5 August, 2018

    It was very helpful to read this this story

  5. Rod | 18 July, 2018

    Any free shells for the first commenter ?

    • Nicequest | 18 July, 2018

      Don’t worry we will have more contests to win Shells in the future! ?

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