10 things you didn’t know about emojis

How many emojis do you think you have used in your life? A bit difficult to answer, right? And if we ask you how many emojis do you use on average per day? Surely you would be surprised by the amount used daily in various social networks, messenger, WhatsApp … to give you a number, 700 million emojis are used on posts on the social network daily, and more than 900 million emojis are sent without accompanying text every day on Messenger. Incredible, right?


A little history

Let’s put ourselves into this timeframe. 1999 Japan, Shigetaka Kurita worked at a mobile phone company. He was in charge of designing the “drawings” to explain the weather of Japan, and he thought that this system could be used to explain feelings when communicating. It was then that the first emojis emerged.

Initially, Shigetaka thought that this would be a trend only in Japan or at most in Asia, but thanks to the promotion of Apple in 2008 when implementing the first emojis in their chat, it became a worldwide trend without which it is now almost unthinkable to communicate.


Facebook Messenger uses 900 million emojis every day.


Did you know?

  1. Emoji comes from the Japanese (image/drawing) emoji (letter/character) and is written like that – 絵 文字 easy right? ?
  2. Nicequest participated in a study together with Lexia about the most used emojis. The most popular emoji in WhatsApp was the little face with a wink ? and the kiss with a heart ?, in the second place the little face that cries with laughter ? and in the third place the smiling face ?.
  3. There is a job dedicated to emojis! The Unicode Consortium decides which emoji makes it into the catalog and that every emoji can be represented in every software. A new emoji proposal will be accepted if it is likely to be used by many people, if it fills a gap between the currently available emojis or if it can have different meanings. On their website, you can see which emojis they have added recently.
  4. There is a book written completely with emojis! Moby Dick or as it’s called in “emoji” Emoji Dick, is a physical book where this well-known story is told using emojis. If you are interested, go ahead and purchase it here.
  5. The highest rate of negative emojis on social networks was during the 2016 US elections.

    The favorite emoji of Nicequest: the shell!
  6. Honda, the car brand, announced on April 1 that emoticons could be soon used for license plates … too bad it was a joke (April’s fools day) ?
  7. And the emoji that is currently most used on Twitter issssss … ? Tears of joy and the smiley face are the most used emoji on twitter! If you’re curious about whether this has changed take a look at the ranking of emojis live!
  8. Emojis can be used as a password in the future! According to studies, using emojis would make passwords much harder to guess, so do not be surprised if your bank soon invites you to put emojis in your passwords!
  9. Currently 75% of emojis used in social networks (basically on Twitter are positive, compared to a negative 25%.)
  10. Nicequest tested Emojis in surveys! In Spain and Mexico ,our members were given the opportunity to answer survey questions with emojis, and 97% to 98% of them used emojis in at least one answer. Interestingly, the participants did not put as many emojis in the questions asking to describe feelings and used them more in the general questions


How do you use many emojis? What is your favorite emoji? Tell us in the comments and let us know which emoji is your favorite! ?

Do you think that emojis improve communication online?

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  1. Miguel | 22 June, 2020

    Mejora total mente

  2. Numan | 30 May, 2019

    Thanks for another great article. I would like to add a small useful tip for Windows users: Use Windows key + Period key to insert emojis ?

  3. Tara | 17 February, 2019

    Hard to say which is y favorite. I use most a;; of them depending on the conversation

  4. fbg | 8 October, 2018

    Never use them and don’t llike them

    • Joan Smith | 15 October, 2018

      I’m never sure what they mean. I’m a bit of a dinosaur. They also convert my sms to an mms and take forever to send.??

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