Perfect pranks for Halloween

October is the time when spooky festivities begin: the Halloween costume parties, kids trick or treating, carving pumpkins, going to haunted houses, corn mazes, watching Harry Potter movie marathons, and more!

Of course, when someone pulls off a particularly hilarious trick, it often ends up on the Internet for all to enjoy.

From innocent antics to spine-chilling tricks, here are four of the funniest viral pranks we found.


1. Taking candy from a child

There’s no greater menace facing young trick-or-treaters than Jimmy Kimmel, who annually encourages parents to film their children’s reaction to the overnight disappearance of their Halloween candy. The late night host releases a video each November of kids melting down upon hearing that their moms and dads ate all of their hard-earned sweets.

2. Giant spider dog

Scared of spiders? Us too! This prankster behind SA Wardega, came up with a brilliant, yet terrifying and hilarious prank. After setting up props in public spaces that resembled human body parts caught in giant spider webs, people being pranked are them hunted down by a giant mutant dog-spider (which happens to really be a tiny dog with fake tarantula fur and wire spider legs on its back).

3. Telekinetic fake-out

Leading up to the release of the classic horror flick Carrie remake, customers who visited Manhattan’s ‘Snice coffee shop were treated to quite the mind-bending experience. With the help of a fake wall and other modifications to the cafe, actors were able to convince a number of coffee lovers that they were witnessing a telekinetic freakout.

4. Celebrity Pranks

Last but not least, you would think that someone who plays scary characters on TV would love to be scared… well, think about! Watch how this American Horror Story actress, was scared not once but three times during her appearance on Ellen’s show. Poor thing.

Have you pranked your friends in the past? How did it go? Comment on this post and share with us your prank stories!


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  1. Sergtel | 21 April, 2021

    Do you know what holiday it is today?
    We are used to the fact that we know only religious and public holidays and celebrate only them.
    I found out

  2. debby shepard | 4 October, 2019

    love the costumes the pranks scare me yes in the past I had walked in my house and someone was in the house scared me, totally scared me

  3. Kim Mooney | 15 August, 2019

    You can buy some really good costumes for both adults and children. also some excellent fun candy/sweets.

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