8 nice things that happened in 2018

It’s that time of the year again – everybody is looking back at the last months and dwelling in memories. At Nicequest we had a year of milestones, new features and of course: surveys, donations and Shells.

One of our new features is this blog. Here we share with you what is new in Nicequest, explain all you need to know for a great Nicequest experience and some fun and interesting stories.

Now let’s see what we achieved in 2018!


1. Nicequest members all around the world answered more than 25,000 surveys for more than 1,000 brands.

Companies and organizations from all types of sectors wanted to know the opinion of our members. Do you remember one survey you found particularly interesting to answer?

Nicequest surveys 2018


2. Nicequest welcomed 102,410 new members!

We are now a community of 2,339,137 members worldwide. If you joined this year: Welcome again! If you are already with us for longer than a year: Thank you very much, we appreciate your participation!

Nicequest members 2018


3. We delivered 198,187 gifts to our members (digital gifts not included).  

Electronics, home appliances, gifts for pets, sports equipment,… we have sent gifts all around the world, from the south of Chile to the north of the United Kingdom! With one gift in each hand and balancing a third on his head, we would need 66,062 Pablos to deliver them all at once.


4. The most popular gift categories of 2018 were home appliances and electronics.

In the Nicequest shop you can filter for categories, subcategories and amount of Shells. Be sure to also check the printables! Our design team is always coming up with new ideas for calendars, party sets and decorations.

most popular Nicequest gifts


5. In the 27 donation campaigns of 2018, Nicequest members donated a total of 1.59 million Shells. Thank you all!

We have worked with various NGOs around the world and our members have once again shown their solidarity and donated 58,290 times to help out in emergencies and ongoing projects to help those who need it the most.

6. Nicequest exists in more than 25 countries and in our team you can find people from more than 25 nationalities.

The Nicequest team has grown to 300 people! Every day we work on giving you the best experience with Nicequest. On our Instagram we give you a look behind the scenes. Get to know the faces behind the emails and surveys and see what’s going on in our offices! We are proud to already count more than 30,000 followers on Instagram!

7. We broke the 500,000 Likes milestone on Facebook.

Are you one of them? Make sure to like and follow our Facebook fanpage, we regularly hold contests for you to win extra Shells or invitations!

8. Fun Fact: 79% of our English-speaking NiceBlog readers agree that emojis improve online communication.

Did you know that people share 700 million emojis on Facebook and more than 900 in Facebook’s messenger every day? The most used emoji of 2018 was:? Do you agree that they improve communication?

NiceBlog poll: Do emojis improve online communication?


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  1. Florence Beal | 31 July, 2019

    I miss the gift-cards, will Nicequest be offering gift cards again?

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