What do our followers really like on social media?

Every time we post on social media, we are excited to see our followers’ reactions. Every thumbs up, heart, retweet and click counts and tells us which type of publication you like and which didn’t interest you that much. We’re always eager to understand how to bring our community closer and create better relationships. That’s why a few weeks ago we decided to just ask you about what you like to see on social media in general and on our own channels. So we posted a special contest in which all participants of the questionnaire also entered a prize draw for Shells. And now we want to share the highlights with you. In total 10,664 people (7,813 women and 2,830 men) answered in the 6 languages of our Nicequest community: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and German. The average age of our participants was 35 years.  First we asked you about your general habits on social media, specifically:  Which type of content do you follow apart from your friends’ and family’s updates?



Social media habits
Which of these topics is your favorite?

Our Nicequest followers are very interested in learning. When we asked what kind of content they follow on Facebook, “Science” got the most votes. Comparing the answers per language, there were only slight differences in the ranking of these content types. Science, Lifestyle, and Food were the favorites for our Spanish, Portuguese and German-speaking participants. In the French, Italian and English study Sports made it to number 3 (instead of food, lifestyle and together with food respectively). The Nicequest Facebook page is all about our community. We hold contests where you can win Shells or an invitation. And we keep you up to date about new gifts, Donation campaigns and Prize Draws. As #datalovers we also like to share facts with you, from our own studies or interesting topics like sports, holidays or… bees!


social media habits
Instagram is probably the most visual of these three networks.

We see that on Instagram “Science” is replaced by “Celebrities & Influencers” in the top 3. Along with “Lifestyle” this content type is in the top 3 in all countries, in France and Italy “Fashion” also made the cut and in Germany, it was “Sports” instead of “Food”.  Lifestyle is also a big topic on the Nicequest Instagram account, specifically #nicequestlife! We like to share our day to day in our different offices with you and of course also some interesting stats. Recently we hit 50,000 followers


social media habits
Twitter is the favorite network to follow the news

At the time of the questionnaire we had 3 Nicequest accounts on Twitter (in Spanish, Portuguese and English), that’s why you didn’t see this question when you answered it in Italian, French or German. The top 3 most favored types of content were exactly the same in all versions of this questionnaire. 

Update: One Twitter for the entire Nicequest community

If you follow our English and Portuguese Twitter account you will have seen our message informing you that we have stopped posting there. Since the Nicequest community is getting bigger and more international, we are now only tweeting from @nicequest. Mostly in Spanish, but also including posts in Portuguese and English. We hope that this helps our community to get even closer together and to get an idea of what is happening in the world of technology, data, and consumer products around the world.  

Some of your nicest comments

We were very happy to read your additional comments on the questionnaire. Some of you mentioned that you like the interaction with other users on the Nicequest social media pages: seeing what they redeemed and thought about the gifts and even helping one another. This sense of community is what Nicequest is all about.   

“I like to get to know other members. Belonging to this family makes me proud.”

“I follow on Facebook because I learn a lot with you and in an easy way.”

“I’ve just found out about this and since I’ve redeemed a gift, I will publish it to enter the contest for 50 Shells.”

“I love the way you interact with your participants.”

“I follow you to see why you’re so famous and why they say you are the best page.”

“I like your topics and good vibes and I’d like to receive an invitation ;)”

  And now we would like to say a big thank you to everybody who participated in this questionnaire.  If you haven’t given your opinion on this yet, let us know in the comments: what kind of content do you follow on social media? And which kind of content would you like to see on Nicequest’s pages?

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  1. Teresa Steele | 10 February, 2021

    I would love to get started soon

  2. Leandro Paulucio | 21 November, 2019

    Very good!

  3. Jennifer | 12 November, 2019

    I follow your facebook im excited to eventually join the team!

  4. Deborah a Shepard | 10 September, 2019

    Thank you for welcoming me in your nicequest family I take the surveys and talk on the comments , you have changed my home life I look forward to the

  5. Kim Mooney | 10 September, 2019

    I like to follow food pages and how to pages like 5-minute crafts.

  6. Stefanie Hooper | 22 July, 2019

    I follow a lot of dachshund pages. I also like cooking and recipes,and travel. Nicequest seems like a good Survey to be acquainted with.

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