5 food myths debunked

There are different reasons why we would take things as given facts, when they aren’t actually true. Maybe we’ve heard them over and over as a kid, maybe they really seem to make sense or maybe it’s just what everybody else also believes and agrees on.

But we here at Nicequest like to check our facts and statistics, so we have gathered some commonly believed myths about food and want to share with you, if they are true or not. Spoiler…they are not.


1. Eating carrots improves your eyesight.



Carrots contain vitamin A which is indeed good for the cornea, the surface of your eyes. A healthy cornea helps against dry eyes and reduces the risk of infections. However, green leafy vegetables, fish and citrus fruits also contain nutrients that keep your eyes healthy, like omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and vitamins C and E. So there is no proof that carrots are superfoods for your eyes and can improve your sight. But there are certain ingredients and nutrients that help your eyes stay healthy which can prevent infections and degradation of eyesight.

Oh, and did you know that cooking carrots actually increases their nutritional value compared to eating them raw? It helps release the beta-carotene in the cells.


2. Microwaving food reduces its nutritional value



While there are some exceptions, see carrots, whenever you cook food, it will lose some nutrient value. If done right, this can be reduced in a microwave, because the cooking time and temperature is lower. Although it always depends on the type of food, steaming food in a microwave is mostly better than boiling on a stove. To make the best use of your microwave make sure to use glass or ceramic containers and plastic containers that are labeled as safe for microwaves.


3. Juice cleanses are good for your body.



A green vegetable and fruit smoothie looks so healthy, right? While including more veggies and fruit in your diet is generally a good idea, the idea of “detoxing” your body by only drinking juices misses the point. There is no evidence that your body needs certain times dedicated to cleansing, your organs already take care of this every day. Furthermore, depriving your body of a well-rounded diet with fats, protein and fiber can have negative side effects like headaches and dizziness and the high doses of fructose sugar can be bad for diabetics and people with kidney problems. The only healthy thing about juice cleanses is that they give your body a break from bad eating and drinking habits like fast food and alcohol.


4. Margarine has fewer calories than butter.



Margarine, made from vegetable oils, and butter, made from milk or cream, have about the same amount of calories. The difference lies in the types of fat: butter has saturated fats and margarine has trans fats. This is important for people who need to watch their cholesterol, as both of these types raise bad cholesterol and trans fats additionally lower the good kind of cholesterol. So make sure to buy margarine with low amounts of trans fats. And if you want to stick to butter, choose the grass-fed kind which is more nutritious than regular butter.


5. Brown sugar is healthier than white sugar.



This one is quite easy: Sugar is sugar. The difference between white and brown is just in the taste and well, the color. When it comes to sugar, we don’t only have to pay attention to what we add to our foods and drinks ourselves, but also how much sugar is already contained in products where we might not expect it. Ketchup and ready-made pasta sauces, soda drinks and bread bought in supermarkets are surprisingly high in sugar. Make sure to check the table of ingredients to keep an eye on your sugar intake.


Was this article helpful to you and your next dinner conversation? Spread the knowledge and tell us in the comments if you know of another interesting fact related to food, a true fact or another myth. We will never get tired of learning!

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  1. Nicolett | 16 April, 2021

    Es todo muy rico ,al igual que la fruta trae mucha vitamina , yo creía que la mantequilla es más sana que la margarina ,el azúcar moreno es más dulce

  2. Cat | 16 October, 2019

    Great article! Thanks NiceBlog

  3. juliana | 22 September, 2019

    yes, we need watching how and what we eat with sugar, because we’re an exemp. to one and another in our family.

  4. Kim Mooney | 10 September, 2019

    Such an interesting article, I have learned a lot from it, things I didn’t know thank you.

  5. Latonya | 1 September, 2019

    Thanks for information and knowledge. Thanks for sharing.

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