How to review your Nicequest gift

What would you say is the most popular gift in our Nicequest shop? Something from the leisure category or do you think people mostly redeem gifts for their kids or pets?

Since we at Nicequest are all about opinions and data, we are of course always curious to know which gifts do our members redeem the most and what do they say about them.  

We had a look at the most popular “physical” gifts of 2018. By that, we mean all the gifts we actually delivered to your door, excluding all digital gifts like cinema tickets, printables, and the highly popular Prize Draws.


review nicequest gift

How can you review your Nicequest gift?

As a Nicequest member, you can review all the gifts (excluding Prize Draw codes or Donations) you have redeemed so far. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your profile and go to “History” to see all the gifts you’ve redeemed.
  2. Click on the gift you want to review.
  3. A new window will open where you click on the button “Review your gift” which leads you to the page of this gift.
  4. Write a comment about this gift and give it as many stars as you want and you’re done!



  • You can only review your gift once.
  • Remember to review the actual gift, not the delivery. If you had an issue with the delivery or any other inquiry about the redemption process, please write to us using the contact form in our Help Center. All feedback helps us get better.
  • Before being published, our team looks at each review to make sure it really is about the gift in question and doesn’t use offensive or disrespectful language.
  • After it is published you can’t delete or edit your review.


How does the review look like? Check out these shop favorites and what people said about them in our slideshow!

What if you want to return the gift?

Since there might be different return policies per provider and gift, please write to us using the contact form in the Help Center so we can inform you about the exact details of your return. 

  1. For any kind of damage on arrival or during the warranty period, please send us a photo or video of the damage and we will arrange a pickup or put you in contact with the technical support of the provider.
    Usually, you can then choose between receiving the same gift again or getting your Korus back.
  2.  If you want to return the gift because it’s not what you expected, we ask you to send it back at your own cost. In this case, please send us a receipt of the shipping which includes the address and the tracking number. Once it arrives, we will add the Korus back to your account.


Most providers will only take back the gift in its original packaging, so please remember to keep it for the time of the warranty period and use it to send the gift back to us. This does not mean the bag of the delivery company, just the box of the actual product. 

Have you already redeemed a Nicequest gift? Then head over to and let other members know what you think of it. If you liked it, great! Other members will want to know! If you didn’t like the gift, we from Nicequest want to know so we can update and improve our catalog.

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  1. Kelly Cordoba | 15 April, 2021

    He pedido una tarjeta de regalo Dafiti y me ha descontado los korus pero al redimir el cupón no se ha dejado descargar. El centro de ayuda no carga!!

  2. iii | 17 March, 2021

    I’m waiting for gift cards options

  3. JESUS GUTIÉRREZ DIEGO | 9 March, 2021

    Es decepcionante la bajada de calidad y diversidad de los premios estos años 2020-2021.

  4. deborah shepard | 27 February, 2021

    gift cards are great love them

  5. Caroline OSullivan | 1 October, 2019

    I will love a gift card when l got a lot more Points to order one

  6. Diana | 11 September, 2019

    I have redeemed my points but haven’t received any voucher and you vouldn’t let me even leave review. There is no even botton review the item on my ac

  7. Diana | 11 September, 2019

    I have redeemed my points but haven’t received any voucher. And even the option to review is removed from my account history.

  8. Kim Borden | 11 September, 2019

    Please bring back the gift cards for restaurants and amazon.

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