Coolest Gifts in our US Shop

So, you take surveys for gifts and now it’s time for you to exchange your Shells for a great gift. What do you do? Yes, of course, all of our gifts are pretty cool, but we found a few that we thought you would love!

As an online survey company that truly cares about our members, we have various categories in which you can find unique and fun gifts for you or anyone you know.


For the House and Kitchen

Do you have spaces in your house or garden where you think you need to add an extra touch of personality? See a few suggests we have that are also in our shop!


  • New friends with funny hair

Why wouldn’t you want these flower pots?! It can be window ledge, patio or kitchen, you will be bringing the perfect combination of style and natural greenery to your space.

Oh! And it’s only 170 Shells!

Funny Flowerpots

  • The best start in the day

What’s better than pancakes on a Sunday morning? Heart shaped pancakes, duh! With this pancake maker, you are able to make perfect heart shaped pancakes every single time.

For 270 Shells it could be yours!

Pancake maker


  • We love pizza yes we do, we love pizza how ‘bout you?

If you ever tried to make pizza at home you know how messy it can get with making the dough then getting everything together, all while making sure you don’t get it all over your oven.

The Pizza Maker Plus from Betty Crocker provides a fast, fun, and energy efficient way to create homemade pizzas or flatbreads with your own fresh toppings, in just minutes!

Get it for 440 Shells!



On the Go and for Adventures

In the Nicequest shop, you will also find great items for lovers of the outdoors!


  • Outdoors and comfortable

Imagine coming back from a big hike and wanting to go lay down in your tent only to realize you don’t have a mattress and have to lay down on the rock-hard ground.

Then you will be wishing you had this camping hammock to lay in and relax and let the day pass.

Plus, it’s only 340 Shells!

Camping Hammock - Grass and Stone


  • Squeeze it!

Find yourself stressed at work or want to get the blood flowing in your hands? The HandMaster Plus can be used to treat a lot of different conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, repetitive stress injuries, tendonitis, etc…

For only 295 Shells, you’ll be on your way to feeling better and enjoying life even more!

Handmaster Plus Hand Exerciser


  • A solution to get you to workout even if you’re on the go!

Get a quick workout everywhere- whether you’re at the gym, the park, home, office or while traveling. A regular jump rope workout will help burn through the toughest belly fat!

Why not get it for only 190 Shells?

Fitness Training Jump Rope - Blue

We have over 1,000 gifts in our online shop for you to browse through. Take some time and take a look through the various categories we have.

We have cool gifts in all of our Shops in various countries so don’t worry no matter where you’re located we’re sure you will find something you love!


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  1. Arlene T | 20 September, 2020

    I earned my gift (SOCCER NET) about 2 or 3 yrs ago. Grandson & friends used and used it; had tons of fun. Big, durable, east to assemble. Want anoth

  2. caroline Watson | 5 February, 2020

    some gift cards for retail such as debenhams or amazon marks and spencer etc would be great

  3. tina contello | 27 October, 2019

    doing gift cards again would be awesome. other surveys do it why cant you all do the same

  4. Jai | 5 October, 2019

    I would love to see gift cards and more appliances! My shells have been racking up for a while

  5. Debbie Hutchison | 5 August, 2019

    I think I would love to have the pizza maker?. So please please ? keep sending me your surveys ??. I really love Nicequest, the surveys are fun.

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