Best tips for stress-free Black Friday online shopping

Have you heard of the term “FOMO”? It describes a special kind of anxiety: it’s the “Fear Of Missing Out” and a lot of people might be feeling exactly that when thinking of the upcoming Black Friday!

This year, due to circumstances we are all quite aware of, many people will do their Black Friday shopping online. So we probably won’t see videos of people trampling over each other once the shop doors open, but the excitement and frenzy about special deals can still be stressful. Even if you weren’t planning any purchase this week, you are sure to see web banners and social media posts announcing bargains, and Black Friday FOMO might kick in!

To help you have a nicer and stress-free Black Friday online shopping experience, we have gathered some tips for you.


1. Set a budget and check prices

Retailers often use the so-called Anchoring Effect where a product seems like an unmissable bargain because you compare it to a higher “before” price. But just because it apparently used to be more expensive doesn’t mean that you need it or that it’s a good deal. Having a budget will help you to be mindful and to think twice before falling for this sales tactic. Before impulse buying something you didn’t even know you wanted, check how much it usually costs or compare prices in different stores. Since you’re already doing your Black Friday shopping online, it’s easy to just type the product name + “price check” into an online search engine.


2. Check early offers and take your time

Most brands and stores take full advantage of the hype and don’t just offer discounts for one day but several days around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This gives you more time to review offers and really think about the items in your shopping cart or wish list.

Discounts are a sure way of grabbing our attention. But remember to compare prices anyway and remember that this is not your last chance.
Discounts are a sure way of grabbing our attention. But remember to compare prices anyway and remember that this is not your last chance.

3. Make a list (and check it twice)

So close to Christmas, it’s a good idea to use the Black Friday offers for your Christmas gift shopping. Try to make a list beforehand and look for specific items instead of letting yourself be inspired by the shop offers. Adding products to your cart and filtering them out later can cost you time. And since there will be limited availability on some offers it can happen that a product sells out before you “proceed to payment”. Having a clear idea of what you want to buy will streamline your Black Friday online shopping. 


4. Create accounts beforehand

When you are looking forward to the deals on one specific website, make sure you create an account in advance. This way you won’t be slowed down by entering your address and payment details. Additionally, having an account also makes it easier to track your order or to contact customer support in case there is an issue with the product. 

Creating an account saves you time in the payment process.
Creating an account saves you time in the payment process.

5. Remember that this is not your last chance!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be the two dates with the biggest shopping crazes, but they don’t have a monopoly on deals! There are many websites that offer special discounts on all kinds of products and brands often hold contests where you can win discounts or products for free. 


And if you’re already online, check out how you can earn free gifts! With Nicequest for example you share your opinion in online surveys and you’re rewarded Korus to redeem in the online shop! So you see, Black Friday is a great opportunity for bargain shopping, but definitely not the only one. 


How do you feel about Black Friday? Are you an avid bargain shopper? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Deborah Anne Shepard | 30 November, 2020

    I set up what we wanted checked out the sites and made our list before hand helped so much , I found some great bargains , /amazon

  2. sandra l evans | 25 November, 2020

    i will enjoy black friday from home this year.

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