Why does Thea appear inactive?

Are you a Nicequest member who participates in our community with Thea? If yes, then this article is for you. Because sometimes Thea can appear as inactive so we want to clear up why this can happen and what to do in these situations.


What is Thea?

First, let’s back up a bit and remember what Thea is used for. With Thea our members earn additional Korus for sharing their browsing habits: which websites they visit and what they search for.

Of course, this data is never connected to any personal information to protect the privacy of our participating members. It is only used to create general statistics about online behavior which helps decision-makers in organizations and companies to get a fuller understanding of consumer needs.

Previously, the Nicequest community provided for example insights for companies interested in what young mothers in Brazil are looking for on the internet. What is most important to a mother in the different stages of pregnancy and in the first years of having a child?

With the answer to these types of questions, organizations and brands can improve their websites and services. In this case, so that parents, who already have enough on their plate, can quickly find the information or product they need. 

To guarantee an accurate reflection of people’s experiences and habits online, it is important that our participating members have Thea active on their devices without long interruptions.


So, why does Thea appear inactive?

When you first add Thea to your devices there is a period where it appears as inactive because the activation is still pending. This is normal and you don’t have to do anything. If you have added it correctly, Thea should appear as active and should be sending data after 24 hours. After that the reasons for appearing as inactive can be the following:


1. Thea was not set up correctly or has been deconfigured.

In this case, review if you have followed all the instructions for the setup. There are different steps required for installing Thea on the web browsers of computers and for adding it to mobile devices in iOS or Android. You will see the specific instructions for your device and operating system in the setup process.

Some Android devices might need additional adjustments in the settings of your device. On some smartphones, you need to activate “Background activity” or “Autostart”. If this applies to you, you will see it in the instructions.


2. You have not used the internet with this device in a while

If your device hasn’t sent any data for more than a week, it will appear inactive and you risk not earning any Korus for this period of time. We will send you an email informing you that Thea is inactive. 

But don’t worry, this issue is easily fixed. Just pick up your device and browse the internet with it or use your apps. 

Remember to participate in Thea with the devices you use regularly to go online. Only then will we get an accurate image of your internet habits and generate an insightful reflection of how people use the web today.

Whenever you want to check if your devices are sending data, log in to your account and go to the Thea section in your profile.


If you have more questions about Thea, check the articles in our Help Center. There you will find information on the whole setup process, troubleshooting for Thea, and articles on data protection and how to participate in Thea.


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  1. Ian Ballard | 4 March, 2021

    So many gifts have disappeared = several gift cards and all the electronics for eample. An explanatio would be welcomed!

    • Katarina | 4 March, 2021

      Hello Ian! We are currently having issues shipping gifts to the UK due to some new regulations related to Brexit. We are working on solving this issue so we can offer you more gifts again. Thank you for understanding.

  2. Deborah Anne Shepard | 27 February, 2021

    very helpful thank you

  3. Anna | 23 February, 2021

    This was very helpful. thanks

  4. Deborah Anne Shepard | 22 February, 2021

    I am active but dont receive many surveys like before when it was shells, love it though, the company is great

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