Sustainable agriculture in Nicaragua with Action against Hunger

Hunger in one part of the world, huge amounts of wasted food in another. These are the consequences of the current agricultural practices. Humanitarian organizations such as Action Against Hunger and international experts in environmental and humanitarian affairs have long warned that we must turn to sustainable agriculture.

Because the world’s population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, and food production in its current form would have to increase by 70% to meet the needs of a booming population. And that would have a devastating impact on our environment.


The importance of sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture aims to protect the environment and preserve the earth’s natural resources while improving the quality of life for animals and people.

Sustainable agriculture allows society’s needs for food, as well as textiles, to be met without risking depleting the planet’s natural resources for future generations. It also helps maintain soil quality, reduce erosion, and conserve water. Farmers are committed to protecting the environment while ensuring economic viability and social and economic justice.


Nicequest’s donation campaign for Nicaragua

At Nicequest we are committed to reducing social inequalities, protecting the environment, and sustainability. That is why we have a section in our shop dedicated only to our donation campaigns.

Together with Worldcoo we have a project to help farmers in Nicaragua with donations from our community. The money raised goes to the non-governmental organization Action Against Hunger to help strawberry producers in agricultural cooperatives in Nicaragua optimize their production.


Sustainable cultivation in Nicaragua

Project objectives

To support strawberry producers who are members of agricultural cooperatives in Nicaragua in new areas.

Who will benefit?

With your collaboration, we will be able to help 10 strawberry producers directly and cover 24 associated producers from the 2 cooperatives in the area.


• Training of producers in strawberry cultivation and seed management (stolon banks) through training workshops.
• Renewal of authorized vegetative material.
• Distribution of supply kits, tools, and materials for the establishment of the stolon bank.

How can you help?

As a Nicequest member, you can contribute to the development of sustainable crops with just 40 KR. Donate now, every Koru counts!

The work of Aktion gegen den Hunger

Action Against Hunger is an independent international humanitarian organization working to eradicate malnutrition and its causes and drivers.

Adequate nutrition is easier to achieve when there is economic growth, where social services are accessible and affordable, and where there is adequate investment in human resources. Therefore, in addition to addressing this issue through projects that prevent, diagnose, and treat malnutrition and related diseases, Action against Hunger also advocates for safe access to water, sanitation, and hygiene; influence policies, programs, and budgets that can reduce hunger; or enable access to the labor market to end social exclusion.


Have you participated in this or another such campaign? Tell us about your experience! Don’t forget to visit our Donation section to stay up to date on all of our projects.

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