Frequently Asked Questions about our Facebook Contests

Did you know that Facebook can be used not only to keep in touch with your friends or to see holiday photos of that person you met three years ago? Facebook is the perfect place to win a few Shells!

On our Nicequest Facebook page we regularly run contests where you can win extra Shells or, to get started, win one of those wanted invitations to Nicequest. To make sure you know all the details of our Facebook contests, we will answer the most frequently asked questions.

How do I participate in a Facebook contest?

It is very simple! If you follow our Facebook page you are doing something right. If not, go and follow our official page and activate the “see first” option to never miss a contest. When you see that we have published a contest, read in detail what you have to do to participate. There are times when you need to write a story or publish a photo, but you always have to publish what we ask you in the comment area of the post of the contest.

How does the #nicePhoto contest work?

A good example of our Facebook contests is our #nicePhoto contest, where we invite you to post a photo on the wall of our official Facebook page. You must be in the photo with the latest gift you have received from Nicequest. Remember that minors can not appear in the photo that you publish. If you happen to be the winner you will be rewarded with 50 Shells!


Can anyone participate in the #nicePhoto contests?

Yes, but in this case to participate you must have an account and a gift from Nicequest.
In addition, you also have to bear in mind that even if the gift you exchange may be for your child, she/he cannot be in the photo, since we cannot post photos of minors on our Facebook page. So if there is a photo participating in which a minor appears, it will be automatically removed from the contest.



Can I participate in the contest if I do not have an account on Nicequest?

If it’s a invitations draw, of course! These contests are specially designed for you. But if instead what we draw is Shells, you should have a Nicequest account to participate, so if that is your case, find out here how to get an invitation or wait for an invitations contest.

When is there a contest on Facebook?

The contests are normally held on special dates (such as Mother’s Day, Book Day …) although it does not have to be a special day for us to do one, we love to do contests! Normally we have about 3 contests a month, one where we draw Shells, another where we draw invitations and a permanent one that is the #nicePhoto contest.

In the draws in which 10 random people are chosen, do you choose them?

No, we do not choose them. From Nicequest we use an application called Easypromos from which the number of people winning the contest is randomly chosen. We do not choose who!

Even so, in the contests there are times that we choose them, in this case the exception would be for example the contest #nicePhoto. Or contests in which we ask you to tell us a story or send us a meme. In competitions in which we have to assess what you send us, we are behind evaluating your content and choosing the best.

How do I know if I won a contest?

As soon as we choose the winner or as soon as the application has chosen the winners, we contact them via Facebook commenting on their publication and sending them a direct message to request the mail normally registered in Nicequest. In this way we can award the Shells or the prize that corresponds to you.

How is our privacy controlled in Facebook contests?

The privacy policy follows the same requirements as the Nicequest Privacy Policy. Also, if you decide to participate in a contest in which we use the Easypromos application, they also make use of their own privacy policy. Here we leave you a few security measures that we take to protect your data:

  • You will know what data you send us and what not all the time. Whenever we have to make use of your data we will keep you informed.
  • Your personal information will only be used to contact you (information such as e-mail, physical address, full name and telephone number.)

In Nicequest your personal data will only be published in two cases:

  • If you are the winner of one of our contests / draws. In that case, only your name will be published.
  • If you decide to add a comment, your username will be published next to your comment (these features can also be applied to our Nicequest website)

When do the Shells arrive?

If you participated in a contest in which Shells are raffled and you have been one of the winners, once you’ve sent us your email by direct message on Facebook, we will add your Shells as soon as possible!

What has been your favorite contest?

Do you have any other questions about the contests that you want us to solve? If you have any other question about the Facebook polls, leave us a comment in this post! And of course, do not forget to subscribe to our blog

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