You haven’t received your Korus after a survey? Read this!

If you are a Nicequest member, you know how it works: you receive a survey in your inbox, complete it and receive the corresponding Korus in exchange. Afterward, you head over to our shop to choose your favorite gift and redeem it or check how many more Korus you need.

But, what happens if you don’t receive the Korus immediately after completing the survey? And why does that even happen?

In this article, we explain what is going on behind the scenes and what could be the reasons why you don’t get your Korus right at the end of the survey. SPOILER ALERT: You will always get your Korus in the end. 



Why haven’t I received the Korus right away?

Usually, once you have completed a survey, the Korus will be added automatically to your Nicequest account. As you know, when you access your account and check your history, you can see the Korus that you have earned for each survey.


But sometimes it may happen that the Korus are not added immediately to your account. Why does that happen?

If the survey comes from a third party, meaning that it was programmed by an external company, which collaborates with Nicequest, it is possible that the Korus arrive late.

 Technical and connection errors can lead to the late arrival of the Korus to your account.

If you participate in Thea but haven’t received your extra Korus, it could mean that Thea is not configured correctly on your device. In this case, check the status of your devices in the Thea section of your account, so you won’t lose any benefits!


Remember, if you are completing a survey and you are invited to a Special Activity, in which you can gain extra Korus, these will ONLY be added if you are selected and you complete all the exercises correctly. If you are not selected, you won’t receive the extra Korus, but as always you will receive the Korus for the initial survey.


So, when do I receive my Korus?

At the end of each survey we send out to our Nicequest members, we check all participations and if everybody got their Korus. So our team will know if you completed a survey and didn’t receive yours. 

In this case, we manually assign you the corresponding Korus for your time and effort. As you see, this may take some time, since there might be other members also waiting for their Korus. In this case, we ask you to be patient and wait for our team to carry out the necessary tasks. 

Moreover, if you are waiting for your Korus from a Special Activity, please be aware that we often do not add them until the Activity is finished (that is, when we have collected the opinions from each member or when everybody finished the activities).

In summary, if you have completed a survey correctly, we will always add your Korus, because we value and appreciate your commitment! ?


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  1. Deborah Shepard | 19 April, 2021

    thank you I do get a few surveys not as much as I did before and the gifts are harder not a lot like muffin maker or donut maker they were nice.

  2. Linda Frye | 8 April, 2021

    Yes I fid

  3. Héctor Mendaña | 12 March, 2019

    Looks great! I’m reading your posts to know as much as possible until I get my invitation!

  4. Helen Harris | 10 March, 2019

    Yes I found it very informative.

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